How did Cat Stevens get his name?

Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam) was born Steven Demetre Georgiou.

In December 1977, Stevens converted to Islam, and he adopted the name Yusuf Islam the following year.

In 1965, he went on to take a one-year course of study at Hammersmith School of Art, as he considered a career as a cartoonist. Though he enjoyed art during that time, he wanted to establish a musical career and began to perform originally under the stage name "Steve Adams"

Thinking that his given name might not be memorable to prospective fans, he chose the stage name Cat Stevens, in part because a girlfriend said he had eyes like a cat, but mainly because he said, "I couldn't imagine anyone going to the record store and asking for 'that Steven Demetre Georgiou album'. And in England, and I was sure in America, they loved animals."