How did Iggy Pop get his name?

Iggy Pop was born James Newell Osterberg, Jr.

Osterberg began his music career as a drummer in various high school bands in Ann Arbor, Michigan, including the Iguanas, who cut several records such as Bo Diddley's "Mona" in 1965. His later stage name, Iggy, is derived from the Iguanas.

He eventually dropped out of the University of Michigan and moved to Chicago to learn more about blues. While in Chicago, he played drums in blues clubs, helped by Sam Lay (formerly of the Paul Butterfield Blues Band) who shared his connections with Iggy. Inspired by Chicago blues as well as bands like The Sonics, MC5 and The Doors, he formed the Psychedelic Stooges and began calling himself Iggy.

He acquired the name "Pop" when he shaved his eyebrows for a show, which apparently made him resemble his friend Jimmy Pop, who had lost all his hair including his eyebrows. From then on, he was dubbed Iggy Pop.