How did The Beach Boys get their name?

Formerly known as The Pendletons, Mike Love gave the fledging band its name; a portmanteau of "Pendleton", a style of woolen shirt popular at the time and "tone", the musical term.

In October 1961, the Pendletones recorded two surfing song demos in twelve takes at Keen Recording Studio. Murry brought the demos to Herb Newman, owner of Candix Records and Era Records, and he signed the group on December 8, 1961. When the boys eagerly unpacked the first box of singles – released both under the Candix label, and also as a promo issue under X Records (Morgan's label) – they were shocked to see their band had been renamed as the Beach Boys. Murry Wilson learned that Candix wanted to name the group the Surfers to directly associate them with the increasingly popular teen sport. But Russ Regan, a young promoter with Era Records, noted that there already existed a group by that name, and he suggested calling them the Beach Boys.