How did The Kinks get their name?

Formerly known as the Ravens, the band decided on a new, permanent name: the Kinks. Numerous explanations of the name's genesis have been offered. In Jon Savage's analysis, "They needed a gimmick, some edge to get them attention. Here it was: 'Kinkiness'—something newsy, naughty but just on the borderline of acceptability. In adopting the 'Kinks' as their name at that time, they were participating in a time-honoured pop ritual—fame through outrage."

Manager Robert Wace related his side of the story: "I had a friend who thought the group was rather fun. If my memory is correct, he came up with the name just as an idea, as a good way of getting publicity. When we went to [the band members] with the name, they were... absolutely horrified. They said, 'We're not going to be called kinky!'"

Ray Davies' account conflicts with Wace's. He recalled that the name was coined by Larry Page and referenced their "kinky" fashion sense. Davies quoted him as saying, "The way you look and the clothes you wear, you ought to be called the Kinks." "I've never really liked the name", Ray stated.