How did The Police get their name?

In late November 1976, while on tour in Newcastle upon Tyne in northeast England with the British progressive rock band Curved Air, the band's American drummer Stewart Copeland met and exchanged phone numbers with an ambitious singer-bassist called Sting who at the time was playing in a jazz-rock fusion band called Last Exit. On 12 January 1977, Sting relocated to London; on the day of his arrival, he sought out Copeland for a jam session.

Curved Air had recently split up and Copeland, inspired by the then-current punk rock movement, was eager to form a new band and join the burgeoning London punk scene. Stewart chose the name 'The Police' for his new band before recruiting any other members. While less keen, Sting acknowledged the commercial opportunities, so the duo formed the Police as a punk power trio with Corsican guitarist Henry Padovani recruited as the third member.