How did Weezer get their name?

Weezer were formed February 14, 1992 at 1711 Stoner Avenue in Los Angeles, California. Although unnamed, Weezer were actually unofficially formed far earlier. Some names the band considered includes "Fuzz", "Hummingbird", "This Niblet" and "The Big Jones".

On March 19, 1992, Rivers Cuomo and Matt Sharp moved into 2226 Amherst Avenue, the new location for the band. On the same day, Rivers called a local club, Raji's. Looking for a show, the club actually told the band that they had an opening slot that day for Keanu Reeves' "Dogstar". The band took the gig and quickly began to brainstorm a setlist and a band name. After much deliberation, Rivers stuck with his original idea: Weezer.